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Gill Sir’s IELTS Coaching Center in Maniangar, Ahmedabad

We are a team in the field of education and we have contributed a lot in some sense.

Gill Sir, the name is enough to tell you that we are a reputed and known institute for

IELTS/TOEFL/PTE and Spoken English – located in Maninagar, Ahmedabad, Gill Sir has built itself a great brand value when it come to study abroad services and consultation for student visa, Canada.

Gill Sir offers complete guidance to its students for IELTS and courses like the English Speaking – both advanced and basic level.

We have helped number of students to improve their English and reach up-to the level which is required in the highly competitive world today.

Gill Sir holds its great reputation in the way it offers coaching and consultation and out motto is

Transparency and Honesty with the students and clients.

No matter what the difficulty Gill Sir has kept up its ideal high up and has created a difficult bench mark for people who want to work out their way in the field of foreign education.

IELTS Coaching, TOEFL Coaching, PTE and Spoken English – all these are our best services which we offer to our students and help them gain the optimum. Many of our students have got 7 bands in IELTS and all this is because of the effort of our faculty and hardwork of the students.

Our coaching center has worked hard to help students who have decided to go abroad and have a career and life in foreign countries.

Gill Sir- Canada Student Visa – IELTS- PR process

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If you are looking for a  Canada student visa after your IELTS- Gill Sir, Ahmedabad  gives you the best options for your career.

Gill Sir gives you complete advice on IELTS,TOEFL,PTE and

Your Canada PR, Express Entry, PNP,etc.  completely free off cost.

We do not charge anything for counselling and we do not charge you anything for our visa assessment.

Only if you want to do IELTS at our Ahmedabad center or if you want a personalized IELTS or Spoken English Coaching, you have to pay a very

nominal fees which we are sure is very much affordable to you and your

study abroad dream or a dream of life in Canada can be fulfilled.

Gill Sir does not take any extra charges or does not have any hidden





Gill Sir just takes a fees that is reasonable.


Also, if you wish to have an assessment, it is completely free.

Gill Sir does not charge for its assessment. Only if you want to apply  after

assessment, you have to bear the charges. That is you pay after the assessment.


Off course there is no need to tell that Gill Sir offers the best coaching and tuition for IELTS in Ahmedabad.

Join the Spoken English – Gill Sir

You should choose to to join the best Spoken English Institute in Maninagar – Gill Sir. Gill Sir is considered to be the best English Speaking Class due to various reasons.


  1. The teaching at Gill Sir is the best due to various reasons.
  2. Gill Sir provides the best study material for Spoken English
  3. Gill Sir offers a free reading library facility in Maninagar.
  4. Provides the best learning environment in the locality of Maninagar

Looking for a reading library in Maninagar.

Join Gill Sir now

14 Methods for Improving Your Spoken English Without a Speaking Partner


Gill Sir’s Ielts coaching in maninagar

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Best ielts coaching in maninagar ahmedabad by Gill Sir

Gill Sir ielts in ahmedabad

Gill Sir ielts coaching in ahmedabad maninagar

best ielts coaching in ahmedabad Gill Sir


IELTS Maninagar Gill Sir


Maniangar, Ahmedabad the capital city, witnesses a huge crowd of students and professionals aspiring for education abroad. Due to the presence of a large number of multi-nationals and media houses, the capital is known to send a huge chunk of professionals for masters in various courses such as management, mass media, and technology. This is why Maninagar, Ahmedabad is one of the biggest hubs for IELTS test takers.

About Gill Sir IELTS Maninagar, Ahmedabad

Gill Sir IELTS Maninagar,  Ahmedabad is conveniently located in Nehru Place, just 200m from the metro station, making it easily accessible for all test takers. Since IELTS score is recognized globally by 10,000+ organisations as an acceptance of English language proficiency, it is highly preferred by people who to wish to study or work overseas. Its reputation for a high standard of evaluation makes thousands of students take the test every month. The year of 2016 witnessed 2.9 million tests being taken worldwide; this is self-explanatory of the fact that it the most reliable language test.

How IELTS Gill Sir, Maninagar,  Ahmedabad can help you?

Gill Sir IELTS Maninagar, Ahmedabad comprises a passionate team of staff member who are always at your service. They’ll always be present to assist and guide you at every step. Any query related to IELTS, be it test registration, cancellation or result, is dealt with utmost importance.

You may also get in touch for various other operational queries such as TRF (test report form), test cancellation or transfer, Enquiry on Results (EoR), etc.

Friendly counsellors and seamless test conduction are the strength of this centre which is why it is preferred by most students in Maniangar, Ahmedabad

IELTS Tips – IELTS Dates


  • Top 10 IELTS Exam Tips

    In order to be successful in any of your endeavors, you have to outline the keys to success and follow them. The IELTS Exam is no different in this regard and in order to accrue a lofty band score of 8 or 9, then we recommend going through the tips provided below and acting on them on your IELTS Test date.

    Top 10 Tips for Scoring 8 Band in IELTS

    The tips below will help you score high in each of the four IELTS sections, thereby propelling your overall IELTS band score:

    1. Be relaxed before you enter the exam hall and even after you have gotten access to the questions. And, the easiest way to achieve this is by reaching the IELTS Test center at least 30 minutes before the start. Because if you do, you can either listen to songs or chat with people around you before the exam, to feel fresh and enter the exam hall in a relaxed state of mind; or, recollect everything you have learnt and just become well-equipped.
    2. Because you will be giving the IELTS Test on a computer, you must definitely assess the condition of the headset (which will be provided to you for the listening section), keyboard and mouse. If either or all of these three are faulty, you might well end up losing time during the exam.
    3. Like any other exam, go through the questions once or, ideally, twice, to gather an idea on how to go about answering them. Going through the questions before answering them will help you assess the exact answer to a question.
    4. After, write an answer that perfectly answers a question. Your answer should neither be too lengthy nor too little.
    5. Do not fail to gather the critical points while the recording plays. You will definitely need them (the notes you had taken) for answering the questions in the listening section.
    6. Focus on doing the basics right, to score high in each one of the four IELTS sections. Basics are nothing but avoiding making spelling mistakes, grammatical mistakes and pronouncing the words wrongly.
    7. Set yourself a time limit for answering each question and possibly, each section as well, and stick to it. Because the duration of IELTS Test is just 165 minutes (two hours and 45 minutes), time, too, is a vital factor in accruing a lofty band score.
    8. Having said so, do not answer any question in a hurry. Because, again, you must ensure that you do not commit elementary errors which could cost you a lot of marks in the overall picture
    9. Be composed and answer the questions confidently. Even if one or a few questions appear less clear and you are unable to determine the answer, go through those questions two-three times to gather a clear picture of what has been asked. Then, you will be able to provide an answer.
    10. Manage time effectively and make sure that you complete answering all the questions with 15-20 minutes left. Thereafter, you can go through all your answers and correct any errors you might have made.

    IELTS Academic Module Exam Dates in 2018 (Ahmedabad

    The table below has the IELTS Academic Module Exam dates in 2018 and the registration deadline dates for the corresponding exam dates.

    IELTS Module Exam Dates Exam Registration Deadline Current Status
    Academic 18/01/2018 05/01/2018 Available
    Academic 20/01/2018 07/01/2018 Available
    Academic 01/02/2018 19/01/2018 Available
    Academic 03/02/2018 21/01/2018 Available
    Academic 10/02/2018 28/01/2018 Available
    Academic 24/02/2018 11/02/2018 Available
    Academic 03/03/2018 18/02/2018 Available
    Academic 10/03/2018 25/02/2018 Available

    IELTS General Module Exam Dates in 2018 (Ahmedabad)

    The table below indicates the days on which you can appear for the IELTS General Module exam in Ahmedabad in 2018.

    IELTS Module Exam Dates Exam Registration Deadline Current Status
    General Training 20/01/2018 07/01/2018 Available
    General Training 01/02/2018 19/01/2018 Available
    General Training 10/02/2018 21/01/2018 Available

    IELTS Coaching in Maninagar

    To equip yourself for a challenging exam as IELTS is, you should definitely consider undertaking IELTS Coaching in Maniangar which will, thanks to the experience of seasoned trainers, by writing the mock tests conducted and following what is a well-defined blueprint, build your confidence and help hone your English listening, reading, speaking, and writing skills.

    Wish you grand success in the upcoming IELTS Test!

Spoken English Class in Maninagar, Ahmedabad

  • Gill Sir teaches you the best English with the help of its extraordinary resources. At Gill Sir, you will find the best books for Spoken English, English Speaking material, CDs and DVDs for learning English, Text Books and notes besides notes in Lectures.           Join Spoken English

Gill Sir has intelligent tutors who teach you the best of their ability and support your learning and build up your abilities in English language.

  • Spoken English. Spoken English is not difficult that is what you will feel if you join Gill Sir. At Gill Sir, the faculty will help you in every way and guide you in your journey of learning English.   Join  Spoken English.
  • Gill Sir is located in Maninagar, Daxini and students from everywhere come here to improve their English. They spend their time at Gill Sir’s library in Maninagar and use the resources available in the library. Gill Sir does not charge anything extra to the students when they use the library. Join Spoken English.
  • English Speaking Course/Spoken English or whatever thing comes to your mind, Gill Sir has the answer. Gill Sir teaches you the right nuances of English language and helps you build your vocabulary and grammar in English.

English Speaking Course by Gill Sir- Maninagar

Gill Sir offers you the best English Speaking Course/Spoken English in Maninagar. Gill Sir gives you the best study material, grammar books, English Speaking Books, Spoken English Material, Study Material for Spoken English Course.

We make your Spoken English very easy and upto date. Gill Sir teaches you A to Z of Spoken English and basic of Conversation and English Speaking.

Gill Sir’s class is located in Maninagar, Ahmedabad. The Gill Sir is equipped with the best faculty, staff and teachers to provide you the service of Spoken English, IELTS, TOEFL.

Gill Sir is into the field of education and teaching of English, IELTS, TOEFL,GRE and the PTE from more than 18 years now.

Gill Sir gives you guarantee on the stamp paper that you will be able to learn English and that is for sure. We teach you the best level of English with guarantee. We are India’s no.1 Spoken English Institute.

With our method you will learn English very  quickly. Many students have learnt English in just 30 days. Gill Sir’s method to teach English is the best for students who want to learn English.

We have easy installment facility for you. You can pay the fees in installment for your Spoken English course so that now you do not have to worry about money.

Spoken English Course

Do you want to do spoken English Course?

Wish to speak in English?

Wasted money on Spoken English but did not get result.

Want the best faculty for Spoken English?

Do you want the best tutors and study material for Spoken English.

Contact: Gill Sir

Maniangar, 9898334999